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Marcel Valliere worked with us on the design and construction of our home renovation from 2012 to 2014. This was a significant project, the complete gut renovation and combination of two historic brownstones on Beacon Hill. The total size of the space was 8000 square feet, and involved unusually shaped spaces, the removal of most of a structural party wall between the two houses that were combined, a large roof deck, the installation of an elevator, and the challenge of designing one space for personal and office use, and the other as an investment property, all in a constrained footprint. Marcel has an amazing eye for space, and he allowed us to maximize its use while making its look and feel conform to our vision. His ability to work with cabinetry, lighting, and even complex stair layouts was critical to achieving our vision for the house, but no detail was too small for his attention. We were able to use every dead space; we hid TVs, made secret cabinets, hid a litterbox in a wall, installed retractable folding tables in a tight laundry room, the list is long… Collaborating with Marcel was seamless. Between our crazy ideas, his imagination, ingenuity, skill and ability to re-imagine, no idea was impossible. Recently, we asked him to solve a problem we were having with the door handles on the elevator, and he both provided a casting solution and recommended an alteration in the handle design that has made it much more reliable. We would heartily recommend him to anyone working on a home design project, large or small. We were grateful throughout that project that we had found him, and if the need ever arose, would hire him again, and we constantly recommend him to friends and family!

Jenny and Jeb Besser"

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